Major grant collaborators

Professor Nina Wedell (University of Exeter)
Professor Wedell is a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit fellow and Research Director at the University of Exeter, UK. She holds current President-elect roles for the International Society for Behavioural Ecology (ISBE) and European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB). Prof Wedell is a sole Partner Investigator for ARC Discovery-Projects grant DP140104107.

Professor David Reznick (University of California, Riverside)
Professor Reznick is an internationally-renowned scholar, present Guggenheim fellow at Oxford University, and founder of the Trinidadian guppy network. This is a large multidisciplinary initiative supported by National Science Foundation funding (DEB-0623632EF US$5,128k & DEB-1258231 US$996k), and draws from a broad collaborative network spanning faculty at Cornell, Florida and Colorado State Universities, the Universities of Georgia, Arizona and Nebraska. Prof Reznick is a sole Partner Investigator for ARC Discovery-Projects grant DP160103668.

Prof John Oakeshott (CSIRO Division of Entomology)
Professor Oakeshott is a chief scientist at the CSIRO Division of Entomology and elected fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. He heads the functional genomics research node as part of the Horticulture Innovation Australia SIT-Plus program. Our collaboration involves shared intellectual and practical resources, and personnel supervision which will include the co-supervision of new HDR appointments starting early 2017.

MQ lab affiliations

Our lab research and personnel integrate with a breadth of research groups at Macquarie University. In particular we share intellectual and laboratory resources with the Behavioural Ecology Lab headed by Professor Mariella Herberstein. We are also closely linked with the Horticulture Australia SIT-plus consortium, and ARC Centre for fruit-fly biosecurity innovation, both headed by Macquarie biology colleague Professor Phil Taylor.