Major research funding

Our research is funded from a breadth of government, foundation and industry sources. Presently active grants include:

Sexual antagonism and the consequences of sex-specific selection
Kemp DJ, Wedell N. ARC Discovery-Projects grant DP140104107 (Australian Research Council)
AUD $266,000

Expanding gene-environment causality in evolutionary genetics
Kemp DJ, Reznick DN. ARC Discovery-Projects grant DP160103668 (Australian Research Council)
AUD $298,600

Raising Q-fly Sterile Insect Technique to World Standard
Taylor P, Kemp DJ (+47 others). HIA Research & Development grant HG14033 (Horticulture Innovation Australia)
AUD $20,502,344 (Grant Total), Project leadership, Evolutionary Genetics Node (AU$836,000)

ARC Training Centre for Fruit Fly Biosecurity Innovation
Taylor P, Clarke A, Riegler M, Kemp DJ (+17 others). ARC Industrial Transformational Training Centre grant IC150100026 (Australian Research Council)
AUD $3,732,019

How do sex ratio distorting symbionts affect the evolution of their host?
Hurst G (+ 2 others). NERC grant NE/N010434/1 (Natural Environment Research Council, United Kingdom)
UK ₤502,000