We are seeking bright, motivated and interested scientists to join our group. Opportunities exist for projects on any of our key research areas (or inventive new directions) at MSc, PhD and postdoctoral levels. Macquarie University is highly supportive of higher degree research candidates, and offers competitive scholarships. In addition to external funding opportunities – such as the Australian Research Council’s fellowships scheme – Macquarie University fellowships are available for postdoctoral research. Sydney is an amazing and vibrant city in which to live. If you are interested in joining us – and, importantly, motivated by questions over organisms – then please get in touch!

Australian Postgraduates Award (APA) Macquarie University (MQRES) scholarships for MSc and PhD research

These scholarships cover tuition fees and pay a generous living allowance. The maximum tenure is 3.5 years (full time equivalent). Additional support is provided to fund research costs and travel.

Macquarie University MQRF fellowships for postdoctoral research

The university offers research fellowships, tenurable for three years. To be eligible you must have been awarded your PhD on or after 1 March 2010 (or you must submit by 28 August 2013). The application process begins with an expression of interest, due 12 June 2013 and followed (if invited) by a full proposal due 28 August.

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Australian Research Council Discovery-Projects Fellowships

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Australian Research Council Future Fellowships

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